Thoughts on Adoption...

We could not be more excited to welcome a baby into our family by way of adoption!

After years of struggling to have a family, we were blessed to have two little boys 5 years apart.  Together, we believe that there is a third child out there for our family - this time through adoption.  In fact, the boys ask everyday when the new baby will be here. :o) We have a lot of respect for birth parents who make the decision to place a baby for adoption and are comfortable sharing an open adoption (if that's something that everyone desires) with a birth mother/family here in the United States.  If this might be you, thank you for considering our family in your planning We would be honored to be part of this process for you...

In the beginning...

In October of 2001, we said "I Do" right out of college and our journey began!  Today, we're still loving each other and having a ton of fun together.  Whether it's hanging out at home, going on a little date or being with the kids, we keep each other laughing.  You've got to have a sense of humor in life!

About Tim

Tim's favorites: Playing & practicing the drums, listening to music & watching bands play, hanging out with our boys and documenting his life on Twitter & Facebook! Ha!

Tim & Ethan at a baseball game
Tim & Ryan

Tim is an awesome dad.  I'm not kidding.  He is super involved and his boys respect him and adore him all at the same time. 

He's also an awesome husband - reminding me of how special I am and encouraging me to step out with courage and try new things.  And he keeps me laughing!!

About Jess

Jessica Loves:
Tackling a project, cooking new foods, 
reading a good book, visiting the ocean, eating brownies 
& having coffee with a friend!

As a mom, she likes to be goofy 
and do things to 
embarrass the boys -  
like dancing or singing loudly!

The Boys

Ethan and Ryan
Despite their 5 year age difference, they are the best of buds and love playing and wrestling together.  Every day they ask when their new baby brother or sister will be coming - they will be AWESOME big brothers!

This picture was taken almost 4 years ago when Ryan came home.  I think it speaks to how excited Ethan will be again when a new little one arrives!

Our Home

Home Sweet Home...really it's all about the people inside though.  A house can be fantastic on the outside but not so fun on the inside.  I can honestly say we have a lot of fun in this house together and look forward to sharing our home with another little one!

A fun place to play!

40 Toes

Just a few days after our son Ryan was born, we had this picture taken.  His little open mouth still makes me smile...and his tiny toes.  Ryan is now almost 4 years old and we can't wait to to turn our 40 toes into 50!

Extended Family

Your baby will be loved beyond measure!!  We are blessed to be surrounded by amazing parents, grandparents, cousins...and lots of close friends who are like "family" to us! 

Jess' parents - AKA "Nana & Papa"!

She can't wait to be Nana to another little one!
Tim's dad & his wife

Grandpa & Ethan
Tim's brother Matt & family

Uncle Matt is a big hit with the kids!
Jess' brother Garth & his silly family!

Niece & Nephews (Zöe, Ezra & Tobin) all dressed up for Halloween!

Our Niece Emma

Our Nephew Noah